The wedding of Tom & Leah – breathtaking.

5 Jan

It takes me a long time to edit. I over shoot, I change my mind about direction several times before the final cut and I can always do more after. I don’t get around to uploading much because of this, so today my Mac hard drive is busy converting, so I have a spare moment to upload this little film.

Tom & Leah were married at the Train Trak Winery Cellar Door. The stunning wine tasting area is decorated with quirky nic-nacs and has a real country feel about it. The couple celebrated long into the evening with a reception at the impeccable Zonzo, which has a wonderfully warm atmosphere and wood fired pizza to die for! I have to say, I had a wonderful time. The wedding was beautiful, the staff were fabulous and the food… well I think I put on about five kilos.

All of that aside, the film I share with you today is from Tom & Leah’s photo shoot. It was shot on the grounds of the winery, and it was directed and photographed by the wonderful Robert of Robert Hock Photography. Interestingly, Robert not only photographs your wedding, but he records audio from your ceremony and speeches to create a beautiful montage & keepsake. Well worth a peak!

Robert positioned the very handsome Tom and the absolutely STUNNING Leah beautifully, and I was lucky enough to capture these organic moments as they were focused on him. Not me.

Enjoy :)

{Password: FL01}

Noteworthy: Leah is the owner of a fabulous desert buffet business called A Sweet Delight. If you’re in need of an amazing Lollie display at your wedding or next event, definitely check out her page here!.


Happy Holidays!

22 Dec

Merry Christmas all and a Happy New Year!

Well I have a LOT of editing on my plate at the moment and I am filming two more gorgeous weddings between Chrissy and NY, so I am going to be flat stick!  
Thank you all of my wonderful clients for your understanding and patience this year through a tough time, I appreciate it more than you could know. I am getting back on track and looking forward to all the weddings I have booked for 2014! The year of love :)
Be safe over the Christmas holidays and I hope to be able to update my website with new videos and a couple of new products very soon.
To get into the festive spirit, here is a holiday pic of my 8 month old puppy Luca who keeps me company during longs days of editing your films! Love to all!
– Eb xoxo

Beautiful Things

28 Sep

When I was invited to participate in my first expo at the gorgeous Immerse Winery, my first thought after accepting was sheer panic! I had NOTHING to display except for my films. So I had to come up with a theme. Being named French Lace already put me on the right track, because I knew I had to incorporate lace into the design. But what else?

I knew I wanted to have a French and also vintage feel to it, so I began to trawl the internet for inspiration. I found images of old painters ladders as shelving, old fruit boxes as stands, beautiful rustic fabrics combined with lace and I kept coming across old sewing draws in a gorgeous distressed white. I managed to find everything without too much trouble, aside from the draws. But I was looking for the EXACT drawers that were in my mind, already painted white and distressed exactly as I imagined. I was never going to find that.

So I hit up Etsy. There were many choices, but I just couldn’t find a drawer with a french feel that would suit my purposes. I wanted to fall in love with the draws and it just wasn’t happening. And then I came across a store called ItsStillLife. And there they were. Love at first sight.

They were a lovely deep brown stain, with a flourish detail on the front. I had not found anything like them anywhere else, and imagining them painted white and sitting on my expo table was just too fabulous, so I enquired about them.

Then, Karen replied.

Yes, I could purchase two of the draws and she was actually very interested in what was going to become of them. We had a good banter back and forth, and I promised I would send her pictures of the final product. I’m sure she must have thought I would forget, as it was quite some weeks before she heard from me again.

But I did remember. I was actually excited for her to see them, because she helped me create the exact look I wanted to represent my little company, and she was just so lovely and really interested in what I was doing. She takes the time to search for gorgeous vintage items, so that people like me on the other side of the world can have access to something we wouldn’t be able to find otherwise. Sometimes in life you come across genuinely lovely people, and a simply thing like an online transaction because a memorable experience.

Karen loved the draws so much that she added my story to her blog along with the photo’s I sent her. I’m so chuffed :)

If you are looking for some unique items, why not take a look at her gorgeous store? Who knows what treasures await you <3

Chris & Jackie – rained out but sunshine in their hearts…

5 Aug

I had an INCREDIBLE time shooting the wedding of Chris & Jackie on the weekend, they were so amazing <3

Jackie’s dress was absolutely PERFECT (it would have been strapless if not for the lace that covered the entire dress that formed gorgeous capped sleeves)  She was superb. Stunningly beautiful. She has the most most infectious smile I have ever seen! And smile she did – ALL DAY!

And why wouldn’t she smile? Waiting for her at the alter was the incredibly handsome Chris, who continuously looked at her in adoration throughout not only the ceremony, but the entire evening that followed. His speech was wonderful, I love when a groom can articulate his love for the person he has just committed the rest of his life to – I always feel so moved when a man openly declares his love. It’s a beautiful thing.

The admittedly camera shy Jackie did such a wonderful job to have not only Daniella taking a zillion pics of her, but me following her around capturing her every movement. I think she handled it well!

The photo shoot was unfortunately rained out, but I think not to the detriment of the overall images. Daniella did everything she could to come up with beautiful shots that I know are going to create an album to remember. I can’t wait to see them! (she has uploaded a sneak peak to her facebook page if you want to have a sticky beak here!)

Despite the weather it was a perfect day for a perfect couple – for they brought their own sunshine. What an honour to be there to film a couple so clearly and utterly in love!


Appearing at my first expo!

24 Jul

Appearing at my first expo!

I was invited to take part in the Immerse Winery Bridal Expo on September 8th, and I am very excited. It’s my first one, so I have to start from scratch in terms of display. But I’m definitely up to the challenge and really looking forward to meeting the other vendors and of course talking to couples about weddings weddings weddings! Heaven.

A busy start to the year!

26 Mar

Sorry I have been a bit quiet of late, I have actually been quite busy!

Don’t worry, I am not complaining, I am very grateful to have been so busy and I know it won’t always be so. But I have finally finished Andrew & Kylie’s film so I can now showcase their highlights video!

I have to say I really enjoyed shooting and editing their film. What gracious and lovely people they are <3  When they thanked me with a beautiful bunch of flowers I almost quite quite emotional, and again when they texted me to say that they had watched the DVD and loved it. It’s the best thing I could possible hear.

Shooting the wedding was a pleasure, because Kylie & Andrew are so awesome, and also because of the staff at Vue on Halcyon ( an absolutely stunning Venue) and the kick arse band Headed by Rocky Loprevite. The entire day was a joy, and having seen the gorgeous pics of the wedding from talented photographer Tizia, there really was nothing to be improved upon. It was all fabulous!

I can’t thank Kylie & Andrew enough for choosing me to film their wedding, and all of the suppliers for making the entire day so easy going and run smoothly. Here are the highlights!

Please enjoy :)

Tim & Tamara’s big day

20 Jan

Happy Sunday all!

I finally completed the wedding film for Tim & Tamara last week. I am glad that it is finished and in their hands, but I am also sad that reliving their wedding day everyday for me is over :(

Both of them are such wonderful people, it really does give me pleasure to help them with holding on to the memories they created back in December. Thank you Tim & Tamara for choosing me as your videographer, it was an honour.

Welcome home from your honeymoon too! And thank you for my bonbonerie :)

Tim & Tamara were meant to find each other. They came together through Oasis, just proving that your perfect partner is out there, but you might just need to cast your net a little further.
They had a beautiful and simple beach ceremony, and Tamara’s love of all things pink definitely shone through. We were supposed to have thunderstorms that day, but it did not eventuate. Even mother nature wanted this union!

Here are the highlights for the day.

Don’t they just look so happy?